Company culture Display --Welcome to enjoy our Music Barbecue Party

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Update time : 2022-10-20 17:47:15

Recently, our company held an outdoor musical barbecue party to let our team members relax. Everyone is very busy working every day, rarely have time to enjoy the life. So the company organized a barbecue on the company's outdoor balcony.


Before the party started, all members of our team helped to set up the barbecue site, and then we divided our work. Some people were responsible for setting up the barbecue oven, while others were responsible for preparing the ingredients. An excellent team, the ability of division of labor and cooperation is very important, which is not only reflected in work, but also in life. After about an hour, we got everything ready, so the efficiency of our team is very efficient. For this outdoor balcony, our company wants to build it into a place where employees can have a rest and have fun. When employees feel tired or need to relax, they can come here to relax.

Some pictures of the venue
Whether it's in the morning or night, the effect was very beautiful. So, which one do you prefer?

During the party, our team members prepared some fun games to liven up the atmosphere while waiting for the delicious food. In addition, our colleagues Lin, Candy and Iris also play the guitar. At the same time, our colleague andy also brought you a Chinese folk song -- Chengdu. This song is about Chengdu, a beautiful place in Sichuan Province, China. The melody of this song can express our happy mood very well.

The highlight of the party
The members of our team are not only very good at their jobs, but also very talented at barbecue. When you look at these pictures, do you think the food is delicious? Not only that, the members of our team can play the guitar and sing songs. Do you like this kind of team?

The above is the wonderful record of our barbecue party. I believe you can have a deeper understanding of our company and team through this simple news! If there is an opportunity, we also want to invite you to our company to experience!

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